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Article: E Cigs, How do they work and Are they Safe?

July 04, 2011 By: admin Category: Articles, E-cig, Reviews


Electronic Cigarettes: how do they work and are they safe?June 30, 2011|By Jean Jadhon | WDBJ-TV Anchor/Reporter

It looks like a cigarette and tastes like a cigarette- even gives a “nicotine rush” like a cigarette, but it’s not one.   It’s a way “smokers” are getting a nicotine fix anywhere they want– from bars and restaurants to the mall.

John Sawyer’s been smoking since he was in the Navy.  ”Cigarettes were ten cents a pack. Everybody smoked,” Sawyer said.
Sawyer used to smoke 2 packs a day. Now he’s cut that in half, because he now smokes electronic cigarettes as well.

Sawyer took a puff to demonstrate how they work. “The more you pull on it the more you’re going to take it in,” Sawyer said. As he puffs, a light at the end of the e-cigarette lights up.


The electronic cigarette delivers nicotine into the lungs and only releases water vapor. So why did Sawyer begin buying them?  “Why?, because you’re welcome everywhere with one of these, where you’re not welcome anywhere with a cigarette,” Sawyer said.

Now it seems electronic cigarettes are sold everywhere form the mall to local convenience stores.

Mike Ferguson started buying them five months ago. ”And so I started with the mild. I  think it’s like 6 percent nicotine,” Ferguson explained, but he had an unexpected result after starting on e-cigarettes.

He lowered the nicotine level to zero and now merely puffs on e-cigarettes because it’s part of his routine. ”It helped me to quit even though I didn’t want to quit,” Ferguson said. “I  think it’s just the mouth-to-hand coordination. I need something.”

Now Ferguson can puff almost anywhere, even the mall and local restaurants.


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Humana Bans Smokers in AZ

June 30, 2011 By: admin Category: Articles, Smoking Bans, Smoking Cessation

Healthcare giant Humana will no long her hire smokers in Arizona, according to the Arizona Republic. Humana will start testing new hires for nicotine. The article says that if a new employee does use tobacco, they will be required to report it to the company and enroll in smoking cessation programs that include nicotine replacement therapies. The article doesn’t mention e cigs at all. It implies that the use of e cigs would also be prohibited as they are testing purely for nicotine.

The article: http://www.azcentral.com/business/articles/2011/06/30/20110630arizona-smokers-not-hired-by-humana.html

South Beach Smoke Promo: Free E Cigs for US Soldiers and Vets

June 27, 2011 By: admin Category: Articles, E Cig Promo, E-cig, Smoking Cessation, South Beach Smoke, Starter Packs

South Beach Smoke Promo: Free E Cigs for US Soldiers and Vets

E Cig maker South Beach Smoke has announced it will offer a free e cig Premiun Starter Kit to all current U.S. soldiers, military personell and veterans in celebration of the July 4th holiday. The campaign, which South Beach calls “Smoke-Free Soldiers” kicks off today.
Free Electronic Cigarettes for Military Personnel

The Premium Starter Kit includes rechargeable batteries and assorted e cig flavor cartridges so first time e-cigarette smokers can try multiple flavors. Soldiers can upgrade to a Deluxe starter kit and apply the price of the premium kit to the price.


Electronic cigarettes from South Beach Smoke flash vaporize a nicotine solution creating liquid vapor that looks and feel like real smoke – but is not real smoke. They look nearly identical to traditional cigarettes but are odorless, reusable and electronic, making them more convenient and affordable than cigarettes. South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes also have disposable cartridges with a variety of cartridge flavor options including tobacco, vanilla, cherry, menthol, and chocolate.

If you’re a soldier or vet, get your Free PROMO E Cigs here.

E Cig Vapor Lounge in Ohio

June 27, 2011 By: admin Category: Articles, E Cig Lounges, E-cig, Smoking Everywhere

An Ohio TV station ran a feature this weekend on a local E Cig lounge, a place where e cig users can both buy e cigs and use them, among kindred spirits. The description of this lounge reminds me of the coffee houses in Amsterdam. As the popularity of e cigs increases, we may see more and more of the vapor lounges pop up.


Ex-smokers say e-cigarettes are a healthy way get nicotine fix


SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) – The electronic cigarettes is, what users say, is a healthy way to get your nicotine fix without the negative side effects of tar and additives.

The Revolver Vapor Lounge in Sylvania Township is a new place to buy them and smoke them as well.

“It doesn’t make your breath stink, doesn’t make your clothes stink. It’s just a lot better for you. I feel better when I smoke it. I don’t cough,” said Brooklyn Beaver.

Inside the e-cig is a cartridge that heats up, turning the nicotine solution into a water vapor when a battery is activated. The vapor is then inhaled and mimics the act of smoking.

Cartridges come in seventy different flavors.

“It tastes good. I use the fruity flavors like the strawberry. I like the flavor and the taste” said Brooklyn’s sister Rachele Beaver.

Everybody that was at the lounge was an ex-smoker and call themselves ‘vapors.’

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South Beach Smoke E Cigs Gain Popularity

June 24, 2011 By: admin Category: E-cig, Reviews, South Beach Smoke, Starter Packs

E cig maker South Beach Smoke is quickly gaining speed in the smokeless cigarette market with its Deluxe and Premium e cig offerings, combined with powerful flavors like menthol, chocolate, cherry, vanilla and traditional tobacco.

South Beach Smoke’s e cigs, if you’re unfamiliar with the basics of electronic cigarettes, feature a microcomputer, atomizer and filter/cartridge running off a small battery. The combination of technology delivers a water vapor instead of smoke, giving users the nicotine they want without the tobacco and actual smoke. When the smoker drags on a South Beach Smoke, microcomputer’s chip is triggered and then signals the lithium ion battery to release a charge to the atomizer. The atomizer receives power and heats up, vaporizing the cartridge’s nicotine solution. Inhaling the vapor of the e cig gives the user the feeling of smoking without the carcinogens associated with cigarette smoke.

South Beach Smoke offers two technologies for e smokers: the Premium and Deluxe e cigs. The premium version features the traditional 3-part technology found in other e cigs, but at a more affordable price. Currently you can get a Premium E Cig Starter Kit for $29.99 that includes:

  • 1 Premium E-Cigarette Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1 Atomizer (creates the vapor)
  • 1 Portable Wall Charger
  • 6 Large Nicotine Cartridges – Equals 6 Packs of Cigarettes (Variety Pack – Assorted Flavors).
South Beach Smoke Deluxe E Cig Kit

South Beach Smoke Deluxe E Cig Kit

What sets South Beach Smoke apart from its competitors is their Deluxe E Cig. The deluxe features a two-part technology that delivers more vapor and a quicker draw. When you replace the e cig cartridge, you are also replacing the atomizer, keeping your e cig like new with every change. You can currently get the Deluxe South Beach Smoke starter kit for $49.99 that includes:

  • 1 E-Cigarette Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1 E-Cigarette Extra-Capacity (Long) Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1 Portable Wall Charger
  • 5 Large Nicotine Cartridges/Atomizers – Equals 7-8 Packs of Cigarettes (Choice of Flavor & Strength).

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice

NYC Smoking Ban – Primed for E Cig Enthusiasts

June 23, 2011 By: admin Category: Articles, E-cig, Smoking Everywhere

NYC Smoking Ban – Primed for E Cig Enthusiasts

New York City’s smokers have become second class citizens now, with the new ban on smoking in public parks, beaches and other public areas. Smokers are now subject to a $50 fine for lighting up in the banned public areas.

E cigs, however, offer my fellow nicotine addicts an alternative. Smokeless, e cigs will still deliver that powerful punch of nicotine somkers need, but won’t break the NYC law. Since e cigs emit only vapor, not smoke, it is lawful to charge up and puff away anywhere, including restaurants, malls, etc.

New York City, known for its many smokers, is primed to become and e cig mecca.

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice

Celebs Smoking E cigs – A New Trend?

June 22, 2011 By: admin Category: Articles, E-cig, Reviews

celebs smoke e cigs

Johnny Depp, Katherine Heigl, Jude Law, Charlize Theron and even bad boy Charlie Sheen have all been spotted vaping e cigs in the past few months. It seems more and more celebrities are picking up the vapor-producing electronic cigarettes and it only lends credibility to the new e cig industry. Whether they are doing it to be able to smoke anywhere, to avoid the ashtray smell, or because they are getting paid to vape, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more e cig users out there.

South Beach Smoke – A Leading E-Cig Maker

June 21, 2011 By: admin Category: Demo, E-cig, Reviews, South Beach Smoke


If you are into E-Cigs, do yourself a favor and check out South Beach Smoke.

South Beach Smoke's smokeless cigarettes are a high-tech, non-flammable solution for obtaining nicotine without exposure to tobacco. Smokers enjoy doses of a vaporized liquid nicotine solution and exhale a water vapor that resembles a puff of smoke, which provides a physical sensation and flavor akin to inhaled tobacco smoke. Our product contains ZERO tobacco, ZERO smoke and ZERO combustion. The South Beach Smoke e-cigarette is the preferred, battery-powered alternative to traditional cigarettes. With South Beach Smoke, you're given two options - the PREMIUM Electronic Cigarette and the DELUXE Electronic Cigarette.

Lindsay Lohan Promotes Blu Cigs

May 29, 2011 By: admin Category: Blu Cigs

It looks like troubled starlet is jumping on the e-cig bandwagon – at least for money. She was spotted on her rooftop, while serving her time on house arrest, vaping on a Blu Cig.

Lindsay Lohan Smoking Blu cigs

Lindsay Lohan Smoking Blu Cigs

Blu Cig Review

October 17, 2010 By: admin Category: Blu Cigs, E-cig, Reviews

A brand new Charlotte company is doing very well for itself. Blu sells something known as electronic cigarettes. An e-cigarette looks like and can deliver nicotine like a traditional one without the harmful tobacco. But a growing public health debate over the safety of e-cigarettes means Blu’s hot start may not last. WFAE’s Scott Graf has more:

Adam Dellinger is a 27-year-old bartender at Boardwalk Billy’s in the University City area. Up until today, he’s never even heard of electronic cigarettes. But he’s up for trying one. He takes two drags and studies the taste.

“It’s got a nice flavor to it,” he says. “It does what I thought it was going to do I guess. Which was give me some kind of sensation in my lungs, which it does do. But it’s not as powerful as a regular cigarette.”

Dellinger is smoking a Blu brand cigarette. With help from 10 investors, Australian Jason Healy started Blu 3 months ago in Charlotte. Healy says within a matter of weeks, sales had quadrupled to 2,000 kits a day, at $60 a pop. Blu’s investors made their money back in the first month.

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