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When To Change E-Cig Cartridge

June 20, 2009 By: admin Category: Articles, Blu Cigs, Tips and Tricks

As there isn’t any kind of indicator on e-cigarettes to tell you when to change the cartridge, you have to develop your own system. Most people I’ve spoken with say you’ll generally need to change your cartridge from once per day to once every other day. It really depends on how much you smoke, but in general, expect to change every 24-48 hours.

Personally, I find that I notice less vapor coming from the e-cig and the hit of nicotine growing continually weaker. Before e-cigs, I smoked about a pack a day, and I’m needing to change my cartridge daily. Seeing that 25 cartridges cost me $25 (from BluCigs) I’m paying a buck a day to smoke rather than $6 or more for Marlboro Lights. Not a bad deal.

I’ve also read that you should ensure your battery is fully charged if you think it is too early to change your cartridge but the hit is weaker.

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3 Comments to “When To Change E-Cig Cartridge”

  1. nancy garrison says:

    I love my new e cig but I need more smoke and higher hit…what would you do?

  2. Just ordered Blu. I was, for some reason, under the impression that a cartridge would last me a day or more…. just like you noted. Today, however, I noticed something on their site. It says:

    blu cartridges last 60-80 puffs, depending on the smoking habits of the user. One blu cartridge is equal to approximately 6 traditional cigarettes.

    What’s up with that? I don’t remember reading that before….

  3. interesting… i’m pretty sure it said 15 traditional cigarettes before. I guess it depends on how heavily you drag on the blu cig. Mine seem to range about 10-15 worth. let me know how it works out for you.